In industry, UV is used for the germ-free treatment of air and water. The process was copied from the sun, whose rays kill everything. For LEGIT AREA, I climbed into gigantic air ducts of a power station and talked to people who supply us with processed heat and electricity in a systemically relevant way. Only the place is photographically documented, the people are not visible – just like the sun’s rays, which have developed via cyanotype, the germ-free photos. In the installations, air and water are purified by UV light – we have to get close to them. Then they give us what we need: touch and nourishment.


Supported by Pandemic Healing Arts & Wrong e.V. & Holzmarktstifung e.V.
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Supported by funds from the Holzmarkt Foundation & Pandemic Healing Arts Foundation.

legit area

mixed media (2020) UV led, steel feet, fan, soil, plastic tub, cannula, mirror film, water, avocado, raw silk, canvas, insulating material, spray paint

Date: 1. July 2020
Services: Installation Art