Biodata Device with Plants for performance art & theatre

In this unique installation, technology and nature intertwine in a captivating manner. A specialized biodata device is connected to a plant, capturing its most intimate reactions. When the plant is touched, the device measures its metabolism. These biological data are then transformed into a MIDI signal. This signal is translated into sounds by a computer, resulting in music. The outcome? The plants “speak” through music, allowing visitors to experience direct communication with nature via sound. It’s a mesmerizing interplay of plant communication, interactive art, and sound transformation that bridges the gap between technology and organic life.


direction: Helena Kontoudakis
dramaturgy: Marie Luise Würth
stage design: Jeeyoung Shin
installation: Bogna Jaroslawski
costume: Marie Katharina Fischer
make-up: Milani Erlan Nitihardjo

actors: Vernesa Berbo, Elena Schmidt, Nadja Hamami, Nathalie Seiß, Jasmin Fifassi Sebastiani

The project would be funded through the “Einstiegsförderung” of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe

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