Stage Design

Theater im Aufbauhaus Berlin

direction: Gbènakpon E. Christel Gbaguidi
stage and costume design: Bogna Grazyna Jaroslawski
dramaturgy: Rodrigue Péguy Takou Ndie
music: Arcadius Didavi, Tunde Ali baba
light: Emil Frobel

Client: Theater am Aufbauhaus TAK Berlin
Date: 1. November 2018
Services: Stage Design

“Europaparty” delves into the compelling tales of Africans in Berlin, navigating their way through integration into German society. With humor and music, the play highlights the challenges and adventures they face in the bustling capital. A touching portrayal of identity and belonging at the TAK Theater.

Supported by the Schering Stiftung and Theresia Zander Stiftung.