Public Art

Public art installations, or "urban art", enliven our outdoor spaces. Beyond gallery walls, they reshape urban landscapes, offering new perspectives and becoming community landmarks. Seamlessly blending into daily life, they evoke powerful connections with their audience.

Client: Festival of Lights, Parks & Schools
Services: Sculpture, Art Direction, Experience, LED Art, Public Art


Nestled between three trees in an urban environment, an impressive installation hangs: a net crafted from 200m of natural hemp rope, reminiscent of an octopus’s long arms. As if beckoned by an embrace, viewers are drawn to the seat beneath it. For a moment, this artwork transforms the city’s bustling rhythm into a tranquil jungle, making daily hustle come to a standstill.


A vast mirror panel, shaped like a whale emerging from the sea, spans the entire height and width of the printing center in the city park of Seestadt Bremerhaven. The mirror distorts passing citizens, transporting them into a playful realm where their reflection grows larger, wider, shorter, and quirkier. Artistically interspersed, one finds figurines of dancers and giants, engaging in a dynamic conversation with the mirrored images.

mirror plates, paint | Stadtpark Bremerhaven 2014

BOOM! – the tree

An elegant marine blue metallic object stands as a testament to art and motion: adorned with eight transparent acrylic circles that move kinetically. The three larger circles evoke images of intertwined planets within a solar system. Painted with durable ship lacquer in a deep blue, this installation, reminiscent of an abstract tree, showcases a unique touch – the acrylic circles, which have been crafted by participating children in the style of Jackson Pollock’s action painting.

steel, kinetic acrylic parts, paint, beton | Bürgermeister-Von-Soosten Grundschule Wehdel 2015

Kazzie’s Lights

A lengthy forest path, spanning about 200m, welcomes visitors to the Festival of Lights. Suspended about 15 meters high between tall beech trees, a series of nine pendulums sway at varying intervals. Each pendulum swings independently, alluding to the passage of time. They illuminate in various sequences – at times, pulsating red like a heartbeat, and then brightly flashing akin to a distant star on the horizon.

Supported by Kulturladen Wulsdorf, Gartenbauamt Bremerhaven and Baumpflege Wesermünde & Home of Pirats.

thermoplastic resin, LED Panels, electronics | Festival of Lights Bremerhaven 2018

concept & pendulums: Bogna Jaroslawski | coding light panels: Iwona Kaczinski
coding movement: Wolfgang Völker (Home of Pirats) | set up: Baumpflege Wesermünde


A collection of stakes driven into a pebble basin are interconnected by wire. White fabric sheets are stretched along the wire, moving with the push of wind and the pull of tides. The fabric interacts harmoniously with both wind and rain. In the evening, the white fabric is illuminated by light panels, casting it in various hues. A poetic interplay between object, light, wind, and observer unfolds.

textile, lightpanels, wire | Lichterspektarkel Bremerhaven 2019

Avenue of the Dreamers

Along a beech tree avenue, balloons are suspended in the shape of a garland, but these aren’t ordinary balloons. They’re filled with shifting LEDs, causing them to change colors when aloft. Visitors are given helium-filled balloons embedded with LEDs, and as they move, they scatter the installation throughout the grounds. The magical ambiance entices some attendees to dance.

ballons, LEDs, wire | Lichterspektarkel Bremerhaven 2017

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