Research on sustainable green performance

The production of ‘The Forest’s Secret Helpers’ was a captivating blend of environmental awareness and theatrical magic. From the meticulous selection of sustainable materials for the set to the choreography of the animal characters, every detail was executed with precision. This play, where animals secretly clean the forest, invites young viewers not just to watch but to actively participate in the narrative. An eco-friendly masterpiece, harnessing the magic of theatre to convey a vital message.


Nestled within a beautifully crafted forest made of sustainable materials, a woman resides in her cozy hut. Each day, she’s confronted with the carelessness of people who thoughtlessly leave their waste in her cherished nature. One evening, overwhelmed with frustration, she lays down to sleep.

But this night isn’t like any other. From the deepest corners of the woods emerge its loyal inhabitants – a swift squirrel, a sleek snake, and a gentle elephant. United, they take it upon themselves to rid the forest of the human remnants.

As the morning sun heralds a new day, the woman awakens to find her surroundings astonishingly clean. Overwhelmed with gratitude and curious about her mysterious helpers, she draws paths into the fallen leaves with her broom. These aren’t just ordinary paths – they’re invitations. Invitations for the young audience to step onto the stage and become part of this magical realm. What begins as a theatrical performance seamlessly transforms into an interactive playground, where imagination and reality intertwine.


direction and stage: Bogna Jaroslawski
performer: Grazyna Jaroslawski
music: Mohanam Musicians Auroville

location: Auroville Kindergarden & AIAT Auroville Irumbai

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